About Roots and Wings

We founded Roots and Wings in 2008 as a group of five individuals from a range of creative and entrepreneurial backgrounds. Being young and idealistic, we dreamt of combining our skills for the benefit of society across the North East.

Since 2008 Roots and Wings has grown from a seed to a sapling to a small (but perfectly formed) tree, and our portfolio has expanded to include a huge diversity of projects for some amazing clients, encompassing everything from graphic design and branding to Apps, animation and youth participatory-film, as well as establishing our RAW Method™ service design offer.

As the scope of our projects continues to grow, and with it our ability to positively impact the communities that we serve, our core values haven’t changed at all – to tackle inequality and social issues through creative solutions, provide a voice to marginalised communities, and to support organisations and projects that match these values – so from our headquarters in Newcastle’s Ouseburn Valley we strive to make this small corner of the globe fairer and more socially and environmentally conscious by undertaking projects that fulfil these objectives.

The Team:

Roots and Wings team

Our Objectives:

The company name represents our objectives; to stay deeply rooted in the community and to tackle inequality and social issues through creative solutions, or as we see it, through the development of wings. Roots & Wings is a community-interest company (C.I.C).

This means that 100% of our profits are re-invested towards further community work and subsidising projects which fulfil our social aims, such as our educational outreach projects. We play an active role in promoting and facilitating awesome projects across the North East and all of our work retains a strong community focus.