Roots and Wings team


We founded Roots & Wings in 2008 when our five co-directors, having recently graduated in a range of creative and business disciplines, came together with the ambition of setting up a company that would combine our various skills for the benefit of our beloved home city of Newcastle, and the diverse charities, community groups and other third-sector organisations therein.

Over ten years on, we’ve worked with all kinds of great clients across a number of sectors, from healthcare to heritage and education to cultural engagement. In the course of the last decade we’ve also built up a fantastic local network of trusted freelancers, including animators, illustrators, videographers, web developers, musicians and sound designers, who we can call on depending on the project at hand.

True to our original vision, we still only take on work that satisfies our social or environmental objectives. Our company name reflects our raison d’être; to stay firmly rooted in the community through engagement and participatory projects, and to help our clients to fly by delivering impactful creative solutions.


We call Roots and Wings a multimedia design company because, in terms of design, we like to do a bit of everything. That said, the majority of our work falls into one or more of the following categories:

Graphic Design (for Print)
Digital Design
Videos & Animations
Websites & Apps
Logos & Branding
Workshops & Community Engagement
Service Design

As well as the above, we’re always excited to try out new things. If you’ve got a project that doesn’t fit neatly into one of the above, please get in touch and we might be able to help.


At Roots and Wings we try to make ethical choices in terms of how we run our business and how we treat each other. We’re an Equal Pay and Living Wage employer, so no patriarchy or modern day slavery here. Our studio is powered entirely by renewable energy sources through our providers Ecotricity. Banking can be a shady business, but from what we can tell, The Co-Operative Bank has the highest ethical standards of all the high street banks, so we use them. Finally, being a design company we naturally deal with a fair amount of printed material. Far from being dead, we think print is still one of the best ways to communicate with your target audience, although we also like trees and are keen to minimise our carbon footprint through ecologically sustainable and carbon-balanced printing, so we try to ensure all paper and card comes FSC/PEFC approved.

As a community-interest company (C.I.C.), 100% of our profits are reinvested towards supporting further community work and educational outreach. We play an active role in facilitating worthwhile projects across the North East and all of our work retains a strong community focus.